What Is The Healthiest Way To Eat?

What Is The Healthiest Way To Eat?

Here I am Discussing the way of living, the way of eating healthy. Check the below points for the same.

  1. Measure Everything 

My First Question Is- Do You Make Budget Every Month?

If yes, then why not what is your health budget?

I am talking about calories and food budget.

The argument that our ancestors did not count calories is absurd, if you still convinced with that sort of argument then 1st stop using this mobile or computer from which you are reading this article because your ancestors did not have these!!

For That There Is My Suggestion- Use The Science Available To You.

  1. Follow The A Vs B Law

This rule is controversial but works like magic in the longer run. If you have two bad food in front of you which you like then choose food which has fewer calories and more quantity.

For example- Paani puri have very low calories compare to pizza. So whenever you crave something munching you may have paani puri. By no means I’m promoting paani puri here. It all about getting one step closer isn't it!!

I, myself started my transformation with 30 rupees paani puri every day. But the rest of the food was super healthy, so I was losing 3 kg per month on average.

Is This Lifestyle Ideal? 

Absolutely not, but here is the fact, it was way better than my previous lifestyle where everything was unhealthy. Right now, after 3 years don't crave anything. I am on 80% boiled food, which I enjoy.

  1. Rule of 20

There is a myth that healthy food is always boring. No, it’s not. just check @irecifit Instagram profile and you will get to know that how much tasty my clients do eat. You just need to develop 20 recipes that you love and are healthy at the same time and fit into your goal.

Here are some examples, just check these old recipes are uploaded on the website only.

Check the Zero Fat Paneer Bhurji, and enjoy the delicacy.  Also some other recipes like low-fat Veg Kolhapuri…Recipe Coming Soon….

  1. Bump Up Your Protein

Chances are that if you are reading this then you are an Indian, then you would be falling short in your protein intake. There is n number of ways but, the easiest way is using whey protein and soy protein.

  • Soy protein is very cheap and you may add it to roti dough while making. Around 30 grams of soy protein in 100 grams of flour will give you a total of 36 grams of protein. Half of you won't even notice the change in taste!
  • Whey Protein is as beneficial as soy. Check the benefits of  Whey Protein.
  1. Kill The Monster

This is the very initial step you can do for weight loss. Completely remove sugar from your diet. You can use those saved calories in other food, I promise your cravings will come to the bottom. Don't full yourself with Honey and jaggery is Natural absurdity. (it sounds good in Titles, not in reality)

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