What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast?

What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast?

The best way to lose weight fast is to not trying to lose weight fast!!! I am saying this by practically losing 30 kg weight myself and helping countless people doing so.

What Hack You Mean By Losing Slower?

Weight loss is compounding in nature. it will give mammoth results in long run. think of it as long-distance running, what will happen if you try to remain first in the initial stage? you will exhaust first right!!

What Is The Solid Proof For That? 

Yes, Indeed.

Ask yourself a question what is the common weight loss number around you?

10 kg, 20 kg. or max 30 kg at stretch!!!

Most will say 20 to 30 kg weight loss they have seen max in their lift. But I will go beyond this and ask you that if you are targeting 36 kg!

I am sure that most will be satisfied by just losing even 10 kg but let see maths of 36 kg to get the intensity of the idea.

1 year has 12 months, so to lose 36 kg of weight you just need to lose 3Kg per month!!

To lose 3kg per month your weekly target would be 700 grams per week.

30 days 3000 grams = 700 grams per 7days( week)

Why >90 Percentage People Do Fail? 

First of all, consider one question- What Do People Aim For Weight Loss?

5 kg per month! 10 kg? If you will lose 5 kg per month then in 1 year you should lose 60 kg. now, how many people you have seen who have even lost 50 kgs? Think Again........................


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