What Is Green Tea? The Truth About Health Benefits From Green Tea

What Is Green Tea? The Truth About Health Benefits From Green Tea

Does Drinking Green Tea Reduce Or Increase Fat?

Most people of today must know about "Green Tea", either you have seen it on television or you have used it ... If you are not yet familiar with the Green Tea Nutrition, now is the time to know, from the consultant of nutrition in Surat test and then use it. As our regular tea is passed through the oxidation process, green tea is not passed through, so you can say that it is less processed.

Many people claim that Green Tea has many health benefits such as weight loss or fat loss, heart health improvement, cancer prevention, etc. Is This All True? Partially Yes, green tea is a calorie-free food and contains calories (4 to 5 calorie 100 ml), but that is negligible.

If you don't know than glance once, Green Tea Is Beneficial Or Not?

Let’s Glance On Green Tea Nutrition Value,

  • Caffeine
  • Vitamin B1 - Thiamine
  • Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin
  • Manganese Mineral

People believe that green tea makes metabolism high. But, what is the truth behind this? Do you know?  There have been clinical trials so far that has not proven that taking green tea increases your metabolism in any way. 

The 3 Major Facts About Green Tea, From Dhiren- Best Nutritionist In Surat To Make You Understand…

  1. One Thing To Keep In Mind Is That Green Tea Contains Caffeine, And Consuming It Stimulates Your Brain So You Will Probably Increase Your Mobility, And It Will Increase The Calorie Consumption Or Burn So That Your Weight Is Ultimately Lost.
  2. If You Have An Antioxidant Element Deficiency It Will Make You Feel Lazy... But The Green Tea Will Help You To Be More Active.
  3. Green Tea Can Suppress Your Hunger, Which Is Your Appetite At Any Time. 

But All Of These Effects Are Very Minor, For Example,

"If You Put One Teaspoon Of Water In A Glass, Then The Water Is Increased But It Is Very Minor, The Green Tea Will Help You But This Is Not A Weight Loss Factor."

The caffeine inside it blocks the adenosine in your brain, causing dopamine and norepinephrine to increase in your brain. Both of these elements are responsible for increasing your brain's alertness. But caffeine is an element against which your body will poison your body.

If you drink one cup of green tea every day, your brain will be accustomed to it like coffee in a few days. Now if you want to increase brain alertness you have to increase it. Only then will you get its regular effect.

Another Claim Is That Green Tea Is Useful In Cancer Prevention, Such As

  1. There Are Some Studies That Show That People Who Drink Regular Green Tea Have Breast Cancer Chance Of Falling By 20 To 30%.
  2. Some Have Proven That Regular Green Tea Reduces Chance Of Prostate Cancer By 48%.

But all these studies are observational studies, so you can say that green tea may help you in cancer prevention but it will not.

For Pregnant Ladies,

Also, very important issues- Always track the amount of green tea for pregnant and breastfeeding women as this caffeine stays in your body for 3 to 4 hours and it increases the moving posture, which means sleep deprives sleep. As you drink tea or coffee, the child can’t sleep properly.

So, if you are taking green tea, then your child's body has a green tea which will cause him/ her to sleep and for the growth of a small child, it is very important to sleep for 16 to 17 hours.

Another Claim Is That Green Tea Reduces Inflammation. This Is True In Some Ways ...

There were a systematic review and meta-analysis in 2015, which showed that the blood plasma level of C-reactive protein in our body is reduced to some extent by taking green tea, but not at that level. That is, taking a green tea gives you some relief from the swelling.

Note: Many Brands Are Selling Green Tea In The Market As Some Are Marketing It Wrongly As They Are Showing Body Photos Before And After. Which Is Not True. This Is An Advertisement And Should Not Be Used Unless Done Research.

Wrapping Up,

Green Tea is not a good diet and replacement of exercise. It is imperative to use them carefully. You may have realized by now that yes green tea is useful for health, but partly. Use it correctly if you want to use it.