Weight Loss Without Dieting, How?

Weight Loss Without Dieting, How?

Is This Necessary To Sacrifice Everything While Do Diet And Loose Weight?

How Can I Lose Weight Without Dieting? 

Alright, 1st thing 1st let’s clarify what diet actually means so that we can be on the same page. The actual Meaning of diet is food. So technically speaking if you don’t diet then you won’t be eating at all. In that case, you will definitely lose weight without any doubt for sure. But you and I both know that, by the diet that’s not what you meant right!!!?

When you say diet, generally it means being hungry or sacrificing the food. In this case, also the answer is yes, it's definitely possible to lose weight without dieting.

But 1st I want to define why most people think and feel that dieting is boring or it’s such a  Misery!!!

There are two factors behind this phenomena. 

  1. Quantity management

The most ppl think that in order to lose weight you will have to reduce the quantity of food drastically.which is not true at all. The reality is in order to lose weight you need to reduce calories not quantity!! Now you will ask what the hell is the difference in both calories and quantity. A lot, indeed.  To give you an example if you will have to equate the calories of 100 grams of butter or Oil with cauliflower or cabbage or watermelon or muskmelon then you will have to eat at least 2500 grams of any of these.So clearly quantity and calories do not go hand in hand.

The ratio for the example I gave is at least 1 to 25. Now you will ask one question:

Are you suggesting me to leave oil, butter, ghee cheese and jump on to the cabbage and melons!!!

Hmm…. if I will say so then it would be the classic case of paralysis of analysis.

- I suggested neither.

I just gave an analysis of two food groups that are lying on the extreme end of the spectrum on the scale of calories per unit weight. There can't be any food which has more calories than oil, butter, and cant be foods which have low calories then cucumber, melons, spinach, cabbage and cauliflower (these are practical examples, so don’t give list comment which counters this argument) 

As a person you diet is different from everyone, you will have to use this scale and choose food according to your hunger, if your stomach is huge like me then the choices will be more from the left side like melons, and stomach is not huge then you are free to hang out on the right side and enjoy more liberty with oil, butter, and ghee.

         2. Most people think that you will have to sacrifice taste while dieting

If you are also facing this problem, then I must say you have made a disaster in terms of planning your diet. While taste is highly subjective so I will leave you all with pictures of my diet and clients recipes and allow you to judge. Follow Irecift on Instagram to enhance your taste while do dieting.