Weight-Loss Or Fat-Loss?

Weight-Loss Or Fat-Loss?

What Should You Do? Which Of These Is A Healthy Process To Become Fit?

As obesity increases, people become more aware to lose weight, but all the process to lose weight is healthy? Or is it also necessary to get fat to become healthier? These Are Some Of The Most Common Questions That Everyone Has In Mind ...  A Good Weight Loss Trainer- Dhiren Explains You...

First And Foremost, Why Would We Gather Fat In Our Body?

Every food we eat, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats generate energy in our bodies. That energy we use in all our daily activities and the excess energy that is left in the body accumulates fat.

Calorie Measurement Specifications,

Every man needs energy according to his body, usually needs 1800-2500 calories but some athletes also need 6000 calories for daily movement .

How Many Calories Are There To Store The Fat Or Reduce Fat From Your Body?

This is a confusing question, so you have to understand the mathematics of calories for the same ... Whenever you eat calories more than your body needs, fat will accumulate, and if you consume less - your body uses stored fat, then the fat will decrease. Whenever this calorie counting reaches 3500, your body will increase or decrease by half kg(0.5 kg) weight.

For Example, 

Your body needs 2500 calories and if you eat 2000 calories, your body will consume 500 calories from stored fat in your body per day and you will lose 500*7=3500, half kg-0.5 kg weight at the end of the 7 days. In such a way, if you eat more 500 calories in a day, 0.5 kg will increase.

What Is The Difference Between Weight-Loss And Fat-Loss?

Whenever it comes to fat-loss, you reduce fat from your body, but when it comes to weight-loss, you also reduce fat, muscle, and water. So, you can say that fat-loss is a better option, in that you do not lose muscle.

Muscle is needed for the knees, waist and many limbs. Muscle is very essential for daily activities. Fat-loss man's health is better than weight-loss man- because he has more muscle, body shape looks better, strength is more.

Some, Faqs That Most Of The People Have,

  • Can I Do Fat-Loss Or Weight-Loss Simply By Dieting?

No! You Can't do Fat-Loss! Yes, you can do weight-loss simply by dieting but to build muscle you need to do exercise, then fat-loss is not possible without exercise.

  • Can I Fat-Loss Or Weight-Loss Just By Going Gym?

No! Even if you go to the gym, make muscles, but if you don't diet, your increased fat will not go down. Many people go to the gym and eat more calories as muscle increases and fat also increases. Going to the gym also requires proper protein and calorie maintenance.



What Are The Benefits Of Doing Both A Diet And Exercise?

Often, it is found that weight is the same but there is a difference in the body ... this is called body-Recomposition. When you do both exercise and diet, you lose fat and build muscle. Body shapes change when both are equal. But the limitation of this is that any human being can make only 12 to 15 kilos of Muscle in his entire life. But the good thing is that man can add up to 6 kilos of muscles and reduce fat all year long.

In The End,

That is to say, to lose only weight is not recommended. This is the right way-  to recompose your body by removing fat. Build muscle, increase body strength, lose weight and stay healthy!