The Lowest Calorie Veg Saute

The Lowest Calorie Veg Saute

Quick, Easy Recipe To Increase The Veggie Intake.  To increase the veggie intake in daily life is very important, and nothing is better than the Veg Saute. 


Any Kind Of Oil- 2/3 Drops.

Vegetables- 250 Gms Total vegetables Mixture of Cauliflower/ Broccoli, Carrot, Capsicum/ Any Bell Paper, Corn/Baby Corn, Peas, French Beans,  Onion (Whatever You Get In Lockdown Situation, But Use The Low Calorie Vegetables).

Garlic- 2/3 – chopped

Salt & Pepper- As per taste

Oregano and chilli flakes- ½ tsp


  1.  Take the vegetables which are healthy and low in calorie and wash them. Cut the veggies of your choice in same shape. 
  2. Hot the pan(use non-stick pan) , add 2/3 drops oil in it. Add the vegetables in that. Flame should be high in starting.
  3.  After 5 minutes, Seamer the veggies and add the salt and paper. You can season it with chilli flakes and oregano as well.  Serves hot…

This Meal Is Very Low In Calorie As It Consist The Veggies Only. You Can Add Tofu Or Paneer In This If You Want, This Can Help You To Add More Protein In Your Meal.