Sugar Free Malai Kulfi

Sugar Free Malai Kulfi

Quick, Easy Recipe To Enjoy Greater Taste In A Healthy Way.

Per Person 195 Kcal

Protein 13 Gm

Carbs 17.5 Gm

Fat 11 Gm

Creamy but Not Sugary Malai Kulfi, As It Is A Delicious Summer Treat! Made With Simple Ingredients! Here Is The Recipe.


1 liter- milk

1 Scoop- 30 to 40 Gm dried milk powder

2 tablespoons- 50 Gm finely chopped nuts, I used a mix of almonds, pistachios

5 sachets sugar-free Natura, Add more as per your taste

6-7 green cardamom’s Powder

2-3 Saffron Strands  


Step1. Take a heavy bottom pan and add milk in it, add milk powder, Saffron Strands, and mix it well.  Whisk the better till it becomes smooth.  Put on the stove to heat the Mix on a medium flame, stir it continuously. Let the milk simmer on medium heat for around 30 minutes, keep stirring it in between.

Step2. When the milk will look quite thick, add the Sugar-free and mix till it dissolves. Add Nut mixture and cardamom powder in it and cook for 10 minutes.  Simmer for 5 more minutes. In all, I cooked the milk for around 50 minutes.  Off the stove.

Step3.  Cooldown the mixture on room temperature and after that put it in the deep freezer for almost 3 to 4 hours.  After 4 hours take it out and churn slightly and pour it in kulfi molds for around 6-8 hours. Once frozen, serve it cold- just place the kulfi mold under warm running water, and de-mold it.


You Can Customize This Kulfi By Adding Cream, However, You Wanted To Make It Healthy Make As I Made.


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