Roasted Papad Corn Chaat

Roasted Papad Corn Chaat

Quick, Easy Recipe To Enjoy Greater Taste In A Healthy Way. This Is Not A Regular Fried Masala Papad, Include Various Ingredients As Well As Different Method. Here Is The Recipe.


4 Lijjat Or Any Papad

1 Tbsp- Nylon or Any sev

150 gms- Onion, tomato, capsicum chopped

Salt, pepper and lemon for seasoning

50 gms- boiled sweet corn

Coriander leaves, for garnishing

Note: You Need Microwave For Making Roasted Papad Cone OR You Need To Fry Them.  


  1. Take Papad, and cut them from the middle. Make a half-circle. Fold them like a cone and seal the edges from the toothpick, do the same for all.
  2. Meanwhile mix all the chopped ingredients and season it with the lemon juice, salt & pepper. Add boiled corn in it.
  3. Put all the corn in microwave around 70 seconds, it depends on the microwave. So try one and then do for others. If you don’t have microwave fry the papad. After that remove the toothpick from all the papads. All the papads are now in corn shape.
  4.  Put all the corn in glasses, and fill the mixture we made. Lastly, add the sev and serve immediately, otherwise, they will be soggy. 

This Papad Chaat Recipe Is Perfect For Any Kind Of Party Starters. You Can Make This Chat Easily And Healthy To Eat.