Protein Cup Cake- No Sugar, No Butter

Protein Cup Cake- No Sugar, No Butter

Quick, Easy Recipe To Increase The Protein Intake With The Better Taste. 

199 Kcal

Protein 27 Gm

Carbs 13 Gm

Fat 4 Gm

To Increase The Protein Intake Is Necessary, And If You Are Bored To Drink The Same Shake Than Here Is The Wholesome Protein Chocolate Cake Is.  You Can Make This Cake Without Oven Also At Your Home. Check The Recipe.


Chocolate whey protein powder- 1 scoop or 30 Gm

Wheat Flour- 1 Tablespoon- 10 Gm

Any Of Skimmed Milk- 30 ML

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder- 1 Tablespoon 

Baking Powder- 1 Teaspoon

Oil- Half Teaspoon( 1 or 2 Gm)


Step1.  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, whisk the mixture while adding milk. Take a cup ( use microwave-proof one if you are doing in the microwave), Put the cup or cups in the microwave for almost 1 minute. You can get the delicious cake in less calories with high protein.

Step2. Another way is to use a steamer, add water and steam the cupcake for 15 minutes by putting the cups in a steamer. This steam cake also tastes good, super moist, and healthier. You can add the chocolate sauce on top for better taste. I used to make it with nuts.

If You Have Sweet Tooth Then This Is A Good Way To Increase The Intake Of Protein And Also Make The Dish Tastier. Make It At Your Home, You Will Love It.


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