Moong Dal Chilla With Peanut Stuffing

Moong Dal Chilla With Peanut Stuffing

Quick, Easy Recipe To Add Healthy Food In Meal… This is A Complete Meal, You Can Have This In Breakfast Or In Dinner.


100 gm- Green moong dal/ Split Green Gram

10 gm- Sooji/ Semolina

1 tbsp- Garlic Chilli paste

10 gm- Roasted peanuts

10-20 gm- Naylon Sev

1 Piece- Pomegranate

½ tsp- Spices- Red Chilli Powder, Chaat Masala, Coriander Powder

Oil- For grease 

Water- As Required

Salt- As Per Taste

Salad- 1 bowl as you want ( I used Chopped onion, and coriander)

1 tsp- lemon juice


For Chilla-

  1. Soak the moong dal overnight(almost 8 hours). And make a smooth batter after that. Add spices, salt, water and sooji in it.
  2. Put this batter aside for almost 15-20 minutes. After sooji is puffed , add more water and make the batter like Dosa consistency.
  3. Heat the dosa pan, grease the pan with oil and spread the batter like dosa and make chillas.

For Stuffing-

  1. Take a bowl and mix peanuts, salads, and sev. Add spices such as Chaat masala and some salt.
  2. Add lemon juice and serve the chillas with it.  You can serve with the green chutney as well..