Low Fat Paneer Chilli Dry

Low Fat Paneer Chilli Dry

Quick, Easy Recipe To Get More Protein.

Per Person 174 Kcal

Protein 14 Gm

Carbs 25 Gm

Fat 3 Gm

* If You Use Paneer From Market, You May Get More Fat 

To Increase The Veggie Intake Also Want To Take Protein You Can Have This Low-Fat Paneer Chilli Dry.  Let’s Check The Procedure.


Any Kind Of Oil- 2/3 Drops.

50 gm- onion

50 gm-capsicum

30 gm- Homemade Paneer Cubes ( I used skimmed milk powder for making protein)

20 gm- cornflour

1 tsp- soy sauce, chili sauce

1 tsp- ginger- garlic paste

Salt for taste


  1. Take the vegetables, wash them and cut them in big chunks. Cut the veggies in the same shape.  Make paneer from the skimmed milk, or you can use it by buying from the market.
  2.  Cut the paneer into cubes, coat it with the cornflour. Hot the pan (use a non-stick pan) add grease to the pan and saute paneer. Keep aside.
  3. Take an iron pan, (good for Chinese food), add 2/3 drops of oil to it. Add ginger-garlic paste and vegetables in that. The flame should be high.
  4.  After 5 minutes, add paneer to it. Seamer the veggies and paneer. Add soy sauce, add chili sauce. Lastly, add salt, which should be less( because soy sauce has salt). Cook for another 5 minutes on a high flame only and Serves hot…

Here I Use Home-Made Low-Fat Paneer, You Can Use Tofu If You Are Vegan.


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