Is Ketogenic Diet Good For Weight Loss?

Is Ketogenic Diet Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, The Ketogenic Diet Could Be Good For Weight Loss, Particularly In Certain Cases.

  • If You Are A Hardcore Non-Veg

Alright, the majority of Indian who eats once a week chicken sandwich and keep shouting to the public that how hardcore nonveg they are! My definition is if you eat every day at least one or two meals non-veg only then I would consider you a hard-core non-vegetarian.

Because The Ketogenic Diet Demands The Majority Of Calories From Fat And Protein, It Will Be Heaven For Hardcore Non-Vegetarians And Hell For Pure Vegan Or Vegetarians.

  • If You Are A Non-Social Introvert Animal

Let's admit. our world is full of high-carb food around us. and if you are Indian then it will be almost impossible to avoid outside food no matter how hard you try. Otherwise, your all-weather aunty will be lost because you didn't high carb food at her home!

So, take the challenge of not eating any outside food for 15 days at least and then see if you can do it or not. The majority of you will fail this test.

  • If You Are A Diabetic Person

Because this diet is super low in carbohydrates, it will keep your blood sugar levels low and sustained throughout the day.

  • If You Are At The End Of The Transformation

This diet is very good for water loss. because the keto diet depletes glycogen from the body and thus it depletes water from the body. So, if you want to do a photoshoot then 10 to 15 days of keto diet will be not a bad idea at all!



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