Is Eating One Meal Per Day Healthy?

Is Eating One Meal Per Day Healthy?

In most cases, it's not healthy nor it will be practical. Many people think that I eat full lunch and I will skip dinner. But is it healthy? Let’s check.

Here Are Some Aspects And Views Related To Health:

  1. Weight Loss Aspect

If you choose to eat only one meal. then during this meal, you will feel fuller. and probably you will be able to eat cheat food too! But you will feel miserable through the rest of the day.

  1. Mindset Standpoint Of View

Let’s presume that you have developed the willpower to eat only one meal per day. Now, you have limited all the distractions. And chances of you losing weight will increase exponentially.

  1. Muscle Building Aspect

By no means eating one meal will be a wiser idea. The first thing you won't be able to incorporate the high protein diet in one meal per day from the sustainability standpoint of view. High protein food which is healthy fills you up very quickly.

  1. Weight Gain Aspect

Again, this is a bad idea. Most people will need more than 2500 calories to gain weight. If you want to eat 2500 calories in one meal then the only option is to eat junk food or extremely high-fat food. This weight gain is unhealthy too. But the choice is yours.

  1. Athletic Aspect

Again, big no for this. Your energy demand will be more than 3000 calories in the first place. Even if you manage 3000 calories in a single mean then also you will feel crap around your meal hours before and after. It's the worst idea if you want to maximize the muscle building performance.

This is my opinion regarding the meal schedule and eating. Check your convenience to eat meal.  


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