I Am Not Loosing Weight Even If I Am On Strict Diet, Why?

I Am Not Loosing Weight Even If I Am On Strict Diet, Why?

Many people have this kind of problem like they are doing a strict diet and still not losing weight. As a trainer, I get several messages and calls that I have this problem. Here I am disclosing some reasons why you are not losing weight.

There are dozens of weight loss techniques out there. Whether they're workout routines or vitamins plans, diet plans, or nutrition all of them promise that will help you attain your frame goals. However, there may be nearly no manner of understanding whether they are working or not.  That is why you need to keep on with evidence-primarily based totally techniques of weight loss.

  1. You Are Not On Calorie Deficit

We know that we already talked about the calorie deficit. But are you really on a deficit diet? Most people start with the 500-calorie meal, but they have mistaken while counting calories. You mostly underestimate the calorie intake.

  • A lot of people call me and say that they are eating 1500 calories but when I checked their food and habits the real eating calories were 2500 calories. So there are a couple of tips, don't count the calories of the whole recipe. Just count the raw food.

For Example, If You Are Eating Idli Then Don’t Search The Calorie Of Idli. Just Search The Calories Of The Base Ingredients Of The Idli.

  1. Your Body Is Manipulating The Water Level
  • When you change your diet and all body tries to resist every external change made. In the case of fat loss, this happens. When you lose fat, your body tends to compensate for it by filling space with water.
  • This case makes your weight loss slow, but the good news is – this is not permanent. If you think that you will lose 1.5 kg in 15 days but you haven't lost weight for a week.  After someday suddenly you wake up and you may lose more than 1 kg.
  • Due to homeostasis, your body water level will be manipulated.
  1. Your Body Has Recomposition 
  • Your weight will not be changed if you lose fat but you will gain muscle. Actually, the main purpose of the body recomposition is to change the size of the body, not the weight. You have to remove the undesirable area of your body.

How Do You Understand That Your Body Is Having Recomposition?

- If your weight is unchanged along with your strength gain that means you are having a body re-composition effect.

- If you are doing strength training, your body may have re-composition.

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