How Could I Gain Weight In A Healthy Way?

How Could I Gain Weight In A Healthy Way?

Alright, weight gain is the easiest thing to do on the landscape of weight management if done correctly in my opinion. You and I both would know the basic fundamental of caloric surplus behind weight gain. But in practical life things get complicated and that I want to discuss them.

But First, How Do We Gain Weight?- By eating more calories than you need.

The surplus or left calories will be stored as fat, muscle, and other tissues. Wait you just said muscle, isn’t it necessary to do exercise in order to build muscles?

The Answer Is NO.

But there is a caveat here, while you are in a surplus you will inevitably gain muscles and fat both. But if you do exercise during surplus then you can skew the ratio of fat to muscles.

In short, there could be two cases if you gain 5 kg weight.

  1. You gain 4kg fat and 1kg muscles.
  2. You gain 1kg fat and 4kg muscles if exercise.

NOW, let’s talk about how to create a calorie surplus with some of the Diet and Nutrition ideas. The most important thing to do is that you measure your body weight every day. The ideal time to measure your body weight is in the morning after the washroom.

Before I talk about Nutrition, I am assuming that you are underweight and you want to gain weight.

If You Want To Gain Weight Correctly Than You Must Know Calorie Counting, Which Is Very Easy. If You Don’t Then I Have Already Written Other Articles In Detail, So Not Discussing Here.

NOW the trial and eros phase comes into the picture. So, start your diet with 2500 calories, stick to this intake for 10 days and closely monitor your weight, you may track your food and weight in the MY FITNESS PAL application, which is widely used by the athletes

Now at 2500 calorie intake, there could be 3 scenarios.

1.You Gain Weight

2.Your Weight Is Constant

3.You Lose Weight Which Is Very Unlikely

Now is you gain weight in these 10 days then ask yourself a question- Am I satisfied with this pace of gain? If yes then keep doing what you are doing. If NO then bumps up your calories by 200 to 300.

If your weight is constant then 2500 calories are your maintenance calories, so bump it up to 3000 - And after 10 days you will be in scenario 1. If you lose weight, then you are in deficit which is very unlikely but possible.

Then bump your calories by 700 to 1000. And follow it for 10days. After 10 days you will be in scenario no 2 or no 1, for both the case solution is there. 


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