How Can One Reduce Face Fat?

How Can One Reduce Face Fat?

People usually asked me – How to remove face fat?

I have personally gained and lost face fat myself.  Also, I have helped dozens of my clients do the same (actually losing fat both are intertwined). But before I tell you what to do to lose face fat, I would like to tell you that.

Remember One Thing- No amount of face exercise will help you in losing fat from your face at all

First Of All Understand This:

  1. Law of Fat distribution

With weight gain in which Area will you accumulate fat is dependent on your gender and Mostly genetics. and can't be changed at all. I would like to explain with my example.

In the after picture, I’m at 65 kg.

let's assume that I’m going towards 95 kg!

Note- whatever I’m telling is from my body’s observation of mine. For everyone, it will be different. But you will get the idea.

  • 65 to 75 - I tend to gain weight in my stomach area
  • 75–85 - I tend to gain fat in my hips and legs and a bit in my back
  • 85–95- it's kind of uniform but I get a Double chin and Face fat.
  1. How To Lose Face Fat!

Well, no magic bullet here. Because you can't control where you gain fat similarly you can’t control from where you will lose fat also!! So ideal is to keep losing fat until you lose face fat! whether you like it or not!

  1. When Did I Lose Face Fat?

I lost face fat in the initial; stage of my transformation. because it came last. If you were the person who gained face fat at just 65 kg to 75 kg stage then you will have to go back there. I have tried this on all of my clients. It works every single time.

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