Healthy Dry Fruit Lassi

Healthy Dry Fruit Lassi

Quick, Easy Recipe To Get The Healthier Food At Home.  If You Want Some Good And Healthy Fruit Meal Here Is The Great Recipe To Eat. This Can Help You To Add Nuts And Protein In Your Diet.


100 Ml - Skimmed Milk Curd (Amul Lite Dahi)  

1 tsp – Skimmed Milk Powder

1 Sachet- Sugar-Free (You can Take Honey As well)

2-3 Drops- Vanilla Essence Flavour 

Handful Almonds & Cashew


  1. Add milk powder & sugar-free in curd. Whisk it properly with the whisker or beater.
  2. Add some ice cubes and vanilla essence in that.
  3. Now take one big glass to add some nuts to that. After that add that mixture and serve chill.
  4. You can make fruit lassi as well.

You Can Refresh Yourself With The Goodness Of Protein Of Dry Fruits And Wellness Of Curd. Enjoy Summer!


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