Healthy Chhole Tikki

Healthy Chhole Tikki

Quick, Easy Recipe to Make the Meal Healthy. Check the Recipe.

Per Person- 238 Kcal

Protein 11Gm

Carbs 50Gm

Fat 3Gm

Let’s Check Ingredients For The Chhole Tikki:

Ingredients (2 Persons)

100 Gm – Chickpeas – Chhole (soaked overnight)

50 Gm-  Boiled Potato

50 Gm- (4 tomatoes) Tomato Puree

50 Gm – Onions (Small Chopped)

1 Tbsp- Ginger/Garlic paste

Spices- 1 tsp or as per your taste, turmeric, chili powder, cumin-coriander powder, asafoetida/hing,  chhole or Punjabi garam masala powder, Cinnamon, clove & bay-leaf, salt as per taste

1 Tsp- Lemon Juice

50 Gm- Boiled Whole Bengal Gram

2/3 Pieces - Garlic, Green Chilli

Any Kind Of Oil- 2/3 Drops (For Shallow Fry) 

Poha Crust- For Giving Crunch

Lemon Juice- 1 Teaspoon

Spices- For Seasoning

Green chutney & Sweet chutney


  1. Take a bowl and mix the Kala Chana (Black Gram Whole), Potato, and mash everything.
  2. Add Chilli- Garlic paste, add spices such as turmeric- pinch of, salt- as per your taste, coriander-cumin powder pinch of, add lemon juice and mix it.
  3. Take a mixture and make a shape of Tikki. Put the Tikkis in Poha Crust and cover the crust all over.  Heat the pan and add 2, 3 drops of oil, and put all Tikkis on it. Cook from both sides and serve them hot with the Tamarind or Green chutney.  
  4. Meanwhile.  in a cooker take soaked chickpeas. Cook it till 6/7 whistles. Open the cooker and keep that aside.
  5. Now take a non-stick pan, add chopped onion to it without adding oil. After simmering the onion, add tomato puree, ginger garlic paste, all spices, and salt.
  6. Now, mash some chhole to make the gravy thick.
  7. Take one plate, put one Tikki. Pour chhole on it. Serve it with the green, and sweet chutney, sev and chopped onion. Serve hot.

If You Are Craving For The Chaat Or Street Food, This Is The Best Way To Do At Home. It Can Be Your Lunch Or Dinner.

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