Hara Bhara Kebab

Hara Bhara Kebab

Per Person 290 Kcal

Protein 12 Gm

Carbs 23 Gm

Fat 15 Gm

Here Is The Most Demanded Hara Bhara Kebab Recipe, Let’s Check The Procedure.


Boiled Potatoes  - 100 gms – 1 cup

Gram flour/ Besan - 1/4 cup ( 20 gms)

Oil – 1 tsp & for greasing

Spinach aka Palak - 100 Gms

Mint & Green coriander – Around 1 cup( 100gms)

Boiled Green Peas-  100 gms- 1 cup

Nuts- ( almond, pistachio, cashew) – ½ cup- 50 gms

Garlic- chilli paste- 1 tbsp

Kasuri Methi- 1 tsp

Spices- ½ tsp- chilli powder, cumin-coriander powder, chaat masala, garam masala

Salt as per taste

Bread crumbs- 1 tbsp


  1.  Firstly, wash the vegetables and blanch (2/3-minute boil in water) the Spinach. And immediately add the spinach in ice water to sustain the colour of spinach. Take a mixer grinder, add blanched spinach, garlic-chilli paste, mint and coriander leaves and grind into a fine paste.   Meanwhile, take boiled potatoes, and boiled peas and mash them.
  2.  Take gram flour aka besan, roast it in a pan, take aside. Chop nuts and roast them too.  Now take a pan heat oil and green mixture. Cook slightly till water evaporates. Now take the mixture, boiled potatoes, peas and besan- assemble it. Make a kebab type mixture.
  3. Now, add spices and Kasuri methi in it.  Now, grease hands with oil and make small patties, Flatten it out, and stuff the roasted nuts. Make the kebabs in patties shapes. Make a Cover the patties with bread crumbs and garnish with nuts.
  4. Now, take a pan and grease the pan with oil. You can deep fry the kebabs if you want but here I just roast or shallow fry on the pan. Put the kebabs on the pan and cook from every side. Everything is in kebab is already cooked so don't worry about that. Serve it with green chutney. 

No Need To Go In Restaurant For The Healthy Option Of the Hara Bhara Kebab. Make It At Your Home As It Is Very Easy. Do Customization If You Want!