Free Fitness Coaching

Free  Fitness Coaching

A Free Coaching Service Is Defined To Help Community For Health Awareness.

Why Am I Providing Free Coaching?

0. When I was in college I couldn’t afford a coach too. I was dedicated, disciplined, full of enthusiasm. So I understand the feeling.

1.Alright before I write any fancy stuff, let me clear the vested interest of mine here, even if it would be a charity( which this is not) it will help me build the brand in the longer run.

2. Community has given a lot to me, now it’s time to give back.

3. Currently at the same time I can train 4 people easily, but not always all the batches consist 4 clients e.g my morning 7-8 is high demand and full, but in 8-9 only 2 ppl are there so the space of 2 ppl is left, so the ideal is if there is already empty capacity of 2 people. And if no one is there then why not give it to someone who can’t afford my coaching!

4. Those who want free coaching are not my prospective clients at all. So technically I won’t lose anything.

5. I don’t like a single person training at a time, to be frank, my clients also want a good community, so it’s a win-win scenario.

6. Isn’t this idea super cool! ( verified independently by more than a dozen). 

7. Training people was never a part of the plan, it was an interest that turned into the profession and… 

8. I haven’t lost faith in Humanity. 

How Free Coaching Will Work?

  • If you genuinely believe that you need, want, and can do transformation then just contact me. And ask for a free consultation. Also, send your body stats, goal, and story in detail.
  • The first meeting fees will be 500 rupees which will be refunded on the spot if I do select you( note- fees barrier is the prevent morons only, not for the generation of income).
  • The only difference between paid and free consultation will be in paid coaching my clients choose the timings, but in the free one, you will be allotted the timing available to me. For example, as I already said if there are free seats available in 8 or 9 then it will be allotted to you after the selection of yours is done.
  • If you were allotted the 8 to 9 batch and let’s say if a new paid client is joining in 8 to 9 then your timing will have to change. Don’t worry there will always be some time slots empty.

What Do I Expect From you?

  • Warning- judging people is part of a professional job, so no gimmicks, please. The moment you will enter I will predict many things about you with a very high degree of accuracy.
  • Dedication, perseverance, tenacity.
  • The moment you start your transformation, you will announce it to the world, with the expected completion of the timeline on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. ( don’t worry you are training with the best if not the only best Coach and Nutritionist in the city apart from your reputation my brand also will be at stake, and won’t let you fail! 
  • Your monthly budget on diet will increase by 3 to 4 thousand.
  • To give you an idea if you are living as a bachelor then your budget of diet should be around 7 to 8000 rupees. Note, this is the total budget including roti, sabji, fruits including everything.

Free Coaching Terms & Conditions

-Will have to inform if going to be absent before at least 72 hours, failing to do so will incur the penalty of 10 rupees and will keep doubling if mistakes persisted e.g 2 nd time 20 3rd time 40 and so on. this step is a preventive measure)

-coming late more than 5 minutes will not be allowed for the training session, and considered absent without informed and rule of fine will be applied.

-Every day in the morning you will have to update me bodyweight. The same rule applies to Daily meals of the diet.

- All the rules which apply to the paid clients will by default apply to you too.

- I can fire you any time without any show-cause notice if I feel that you are failing me. Again don't worry I won't until and unless it's unnecessary, I have fired my paid clients too when it was necessary so nothing new. I want results, results and results only.


  1. What are the charges apart from your free coaching?

You will have to pay gym membership fees and my freelancing rent which I pay to the gym which is around 2000 rupees per month.

  1. Is there any hidden coast and agenda?

Yes, indeed. your transformation, my branding, and forming a powerful community.

  1. Will be inferior compare to paid coaching?

Not even a single percentage. In Fact, you will have every right equal to paid coaching, the only difference is that there will be more responsibility in the free coaching in Diet, follow-ups and discipline.

Also, I am expecting a Higher success ratio compare to paid clients, because of the demographic advantage.

  1. I think that fitness-conscious people are dumb but I am an elite what is the scope for me?!! 

Alright, let’s talk about quantum mechanics.! I am waiting for spooky actions at the gym. ( only 1% will understand it, I think it’s enough to convince you.)

  1. I do have an issue with certain terms of yours in this free coaching.

And- then I have an issue with having you as my trainee. My system is not democratic. Rules can't be bent by paid clients.

  1. I still don't get it, it sounds fishy!

Well then don't join. If you are having this question then chances are you are in touch with me on social for less than a month. Doubts will get lost as you will spend more time.

  1. I want training but I don't want to follow the diet.

Read the warning part. You will be filtered in the first meeting itself.