Does Fasting Help To Lose Weight?

Does Fasting Help To Lose Weight?

Fasting May Help In Losing Weight But Not Necessarily!!!

If you remain in a caloric deficit then fasting will help you lose weight. But if you remain in a caloric surplus by thinking that fasting alone will help you lose weight then it's not going to happen. Some people, feel more hungry after the fasting period is over and tend to overeat and thus might not see the benefits of fasting.

Thunderbulll- Pro Tips For Fasting

  1. In general, most ppl eighter don't feel hungry at night or in the morning( for most its morning time)
  2. So, try to extend Non- hunger time for example if you don't feel hungry in the morning then try to skip breakfast. then gradually try to push your fast by 5 minutes daily. if you eat at 10 pm at night then if you eat lunch at 12 pm then its 14 hours of fast.
  3. For most people 12 to 16 hours of fasting is sufficient. 
  4. Fasting is not the best-case scenario for muscle building, you may build muscles by being in surplus by fasting but not ideal.
  5. During fast try to avoid anything except water.
  6. In the initial stage, you may have black coffee.
  7. Don't cheat yourself with the coconut water of BCAA. if you want to have these then be honest with yourself and don't do fasting at all.
  8. A few of my clients have got results by doing fasting but the majority of my clients have done it without doing fasting ( For the record)
  9. Fasting is Not ideal or compulsory at all!!!

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