Can I Lose Weight By Eating Rice?

Can I Lose Weight By Eating Rice?

Eating rice during weight loss is absolutely fine. While I lost 30 kg, I was eating rice.

But this is necessary, Things to keep in mind while eating rice: -

  • Rice Is Low In Protein
  • Rice Is Low In Fiber
  • Rice Is Less Satiating Compare To Other Foods
  • Despite Above All Factors Rice Itself Is Not Fattening Food

Due to these factors, you should be eating rice combined with high protein and high fiber foods like vegetables, Lentils, or chicken.

Some Practical Advice For Rice During Weight Loss

  • Make Khichdi Out Of It¬†

The ratio of lentil to rice should be 1:1. Either the daal should be equal or high in terms of weight. Most people will be satisfied with 50 grams of rice, 50-gram daal khichdi.

  • Daal And Rice With Salad¬†

Quantity should be the same as khichdi. Even after eating till the stomach feels full, I assure you, your calorie count will not go above 700.

  • Rice And Chicken

This is classic bodybuilders' food. 200 grams of chicken breast with 100 to 200-gram raw rice in boiled format.