Calorie Counting Information

Calorie Counting Information

Calorie Counting

How Can I Count The Calories Of Indian Food?

Very easy and simple to do. Now I m presuming that you will be quantifying everything, and you do have some kind of goal in your mind. This is the method me and all my clients do-follow.

How Does The Typical Indian Meal Look Like A Normal 

  • Dal 
  • Rice 
  • Subji
  • Roti
  • Salad


As A Nutrition Coach, I Will Discuss Each Food Calculation, 

1st i will suggest that the oil or ghee or butter you consume throughout the day should be strictly measured at the start of the day, and cook whatever from that.

Generally, 30 to 50 gram of oil or ghee is sufficient for cooking. So you know the calories you would be consuming from the oil exactly, so no need to calculate while counting in meals calorie.

1. Daal

  • Any kind of raw daal has around 360 calories per 100 grams on a raw basis.
  • And around 20 grams of protein per 100 grams.
  • This is applicable for chana, mung, rajma, etc also.
  • So if you are making daal out of 50 grams it will give you around 180 calories from daal alone.
  • You may ignore the calories coming from the masala because it will contribute very fewer calories.         



2. Rice

  • Rice also gives around 360 calories per 100 gms on a raw basis. 
  • But gives only around 6 grams of protein. 
  • Now if you cook 50 grams of rice then, it will give you around 180 calories.
  • The amount of calories coming from the rice is dependent on the raw weight of the rice, not the weight after you boil it.

One more thing, white rice, and brown rice will give you the same amount of calories.

3. Roti

  • For roti, you need not calculate every single time
  • Generally, a person who makes roti tends to make identical size and weight roti every single time.
  • So if your mom, wife or you make roti, do this process only once or twice only
  • If 10 rotis made out of 250 grams of flour than there are 25 grams of flour in it.

  • Now if you eat 3 rotis than you ate 75 grams of flour.
  • And evert 100 grams of flour gives you around 370 calories.
  • Now you know the maths, the number will vary from person to person because of the change in the size of roti.
  • The same formula applies for the roti made of bajra, jawar and any other flour.

4. Sabji and salad

  • Any kind of vegetable will give you around 300 calories per kg of weight. 
  • So you don’t need to weigh the vegetables. You may go with approximation. 
  • The error which would occur due to error in the measurement of vegetable would be very low, due to the low-calorie count of the vegetables.

Note: I m not talking about potato kind of vegetable. Use My Fitness Pal application to measure calorie. All the values which I have mentioned here could be found in the My fitness pal application. It is the only app that is best when it comes to calorie counting. Don’t forget to enter the oil in my fitness pal application. 

That’s it, this was the typical meal calorie counting. Let me know in the comments, that about which food you want to know the calorie counting.